George D. Aiken Resource, Conservation & Development has partnered with EnSave of Richmond, Vt, to help Vermont farmers cut energy use through Energy Audits .

As energy and fuel prices climb, agricultural producers need specific solutions to stay competitive.

Energy Audits program, through the Aiken Council, provides a comprehensive look at each farms energy use. A trained data specialist, conducts an interview with the farmer to gather information about their operation and what to expect from an energy audit.  Energy usage data for existing equipment is gathered,   the data is analyzed and a comprehensive recommendation for energy efficient upgrades is then compiled into a report for the farmer.

The project has a farmer cost –share coming from the implementation of the recommended equipment.  The producers should be willing to implement at least $4500 in the recommended energy efficient equipment upgrades.


Should be year round facilities and heating some portion of, or some number of their greenhouses.


Should produce at least 1.5 million pounds of milk annually, and not have 2 of these 3 technologies: variable speed drive on the milking vacuum pump, plate cooler, and compressor heat recovery unit.